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Our Auditorium

Ok, so you may not be a techy but if your interested and you did click to this page, so here's what we use.

Our kit is based on the equipment set used for many digital cinema setups here in Norfolk and Suffolk. Put together originally by Suffolk Digital Cinema for use in Village Halls, Communty centres and Local Theaters in Suffolk and then cloned by Creative Arts East for use by Norfolk. Poringland being a member of the CAE group, but going one step further in obtaining our own equipment, which because of venue requirements has been specialised to deliver even better performance.

Projector -The heart of the system a High Definition multimedia projector, offering both high resolution and high light output, accepting RGB, Composite, Vidio and HDMI inputs allowing reproduction from DVD, PC and in fact pretty much any format.

Video Systems - DVD and Blue-Ray players provide quality, reliable DVD reproduction in terms of both sound and stunning video performance.

Amplifer - Our Movies are also supported by an excellent sound system, matched to our multi-media projector in giving excellent sound reproduction in such a large space for our cinema performances. Our amplifier providing multi-speaker stereo reploduction from pretty much any input source, including when required our in-house radio mics.

Speakers - Two pairs of Carlsbro AT10/100S speakers, offering a compact but very good sound reproduction in a cabinet size that does not look to out of place, these are flown on wall brackets either side of our Electric screen.

Screen - Our Electric screen is purpose-made in Italy offering an excellent visual reproduction with very little visual spill and little in the way of unitentional light reflection. The screen is controlled from ground level and is deployed in a few seconds. The quality of the surface removing the need for side drapes and boundary curtains.